Startup of the Week Series: Interview with Albert Stepanyan from Scylla

18 Sep 2020

Startup of the Week Series

Interview with Albert Stepanyan
CEO & Founder of Scylla

Granatus Ventures launches a series of Startup of the Week Interviews

The purpose of the series is to introduce and promote early stage promising startups to larger interested audiences. This will help to build the public profile of startups as well as in general contribute to raising awareness about technology entrepreneurship. We ask the same questions to the interviewed startups. Through these rigidly structured interviews you will learn about key aspects of startups’ life journey, challenges and success factors. Every week we will bring one story for you.

This week we’ll share with you our interview with Albert Stepanyan, CEO and founder of Scylla — a best-in class threat detection system — empowering the private security industry with next-gen AI solutions.

Albert, please tell us about your startup journey. How did you start it? How did the founding team form?

I used to be engaged as a private security integrator and an AI consultant worldwide. I am in this business from 2010 actually, I resigned from the military in 2008 and then from 2010 I engaged in different activities as an engineer, consultant and a security integrator. Me and my team have been engaged in several countries including Egypt and Latin American Countries such as Mexico. From 2017, I was involved in a smart city slash security project in Mexico City where I found my other partner Alfonso. And then we decided to automate the services that we provided to the local law enforcement and also smart city authorities, and created Scylla. Eventually, that’s coming from my previous background and experience in Mexico City. And then we took that practice into other countries, such as Columbia, United States. In 2018 we decided to establish the company in the US, but still keeping the engineering team in Armenia. Currently we have two offices in Armenia and the United States.

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